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When I reply to a message, I want to save that particular message in the "Reply by me" folder in Outlook.

Solution: a macro that watches for reply, reply all or forward and files the original message after creating the reply/forward.

Tip: if you are filing all messages in the same folder, use a Quick Step in Outlook 2010 and above.

This macro moves the original message to a folder under the Inbox. The subfolder is created from the sender's display name. Because names can vary when a user uses multiple email clients, it may be better (but less user friendly) to use the email address.

Option Explicit
Private WithEvents oExpl As Explorer
Private WithEvents oItem As MailItem
Private bDiscardEvents As Boolean
   Dim oResponse As MailItem
Private Sub Application_Startup()
   Set oExpl = Application.ActiveExplorer
   bDiscardEvents = False
End Sub
Private Sub oExpl_SelectionChange()
   On Error Resume Next
   Set oItem = oExpl.Selection.Item(1)
End Sub
' Reply
Private Sub oItem_Reply(ByVal Response As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
   Cancel = True
   bDiscardEvents = True

Set oResponse = oItem.Reply
End Sub

' Forward
Private Sub oItem_Forward(ByVal Response As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
   Cancel = True
   bDiscardEvents = True

Set oResponse = oItem.Forward
End Sub

' Reply all
Private Sub oItem_ReplyAll(ByVal Response As Object, Cancel As Boolean)
   Cancel = True
   bDiscardEvents = True

Set oResponse = oItem.ReplyAll
End Sub

Private Sub afterReply()

   Dim NS As Outlook.NameSpace
   Dim objDestFolder As Outlook.Folder
   Dim objInbox As Outlook.Folder
   Dim sSenderName As String
 sSenderName = oItem.SentOnBehalfOfName
  If sSenderName = ";" Then
    sSenderName = oItem.SenderName
  End If
Set NS = Application.GetNamespace("MAPI")

Set objInbox = NS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox)
On Error Resume Next
Set objDestFolder = objInbox.Folders(sSenderName)
If objDestFolder Is Nothing Then
    Set objDestFolder = objInbox.Folders.Add(sSenderName)
End If
oItem.Move objDestFolder
   bDiscardEvents = False

Set oItem = Nothing
Set objDestFolder = Nothing
Set objInbox = Nothing
Set NS = Nothing

End Sub

How to use macros

First: You will need macro security set to low during testing.

To check your macro security in Outlook 2010 or 2013, go to File, Options, Trust Center and open Trust Center Settings, and change the Macro Settings. In Outlook 2007 and older, it’s at Tools, Macro Security.

After you test the macro and see that it works, you can either leave macro security set to low or sign the macro.

Open the VBA Editor by pressing Alt+F11 on your keyboard.

To put the code in a module:

  1. Right click on Project1 and choose Insert > Module
  2. Copy and paste the macro into the new module.

More information as well as screenshots are at How to use the VBA Editor

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