LinkedIn Social Connector Provider: Gone

As many users of the LinkedIn provider for Outlook's Social Connector learned a couple of weeks ago, they would no longer be receiving information about their LinkedIn contacts, specifically, the LinkedIn Contact folder will be removed and feeds won't sync. For the time being, LinkedIn contacts and profile photos are still syncing with Outlook. In  

Is the People Pane secure?

Some Microsoft Outlook users are concerned that the People Pane is sharing their private email with other users.

Outlook's Social Connector and Contacts Sync

When the social connector is enabled in Microsoft Outlook and you have an Exchange mailbox, the social connector will sync changes in the GAL to contacts. This can be controlled or disabled using a group policy.

Change the Social Connector Account

I changed my Facebook e-mail address since my last login and the dialog in the Social Connector doesn’t allow me to change my e-mail address, only to type my password. How do i change the account used by the social connector? You need to click the x button to delete the account and re-create it,