Contacts are Grouping in Two Groups of (none)

We occasionally get complaints from people who are using a group by view on Contacts and they have two groups of "(none)", often when grouping by Company or Country (because they are common fields to group by), but grouping by almost any field can result in two different (none) groups. This can happen with contacts  

Using VBA to Change Business Card Image & Layout

While you can create a custom form that will apply to all new contacts, the business card image on existing contacts won't be updated. This is to preserve any business cards you may have already updated. If you really want to update the business card image on your contacts, you can use VBA to quickly make the change. We have code samples to change both the card image and the layout with BusinessCardLayoutXml.

Macro to Swap First and Last Name Fields

Outlook lets you set the default full name order in Options. You can choose between 'First (Middle) Last' or 'Last First' (no comma separator), as well as 'First Last1 Last2'. The traditional format of 'Last, First', with a comma separator, is also supported by default. Outlook is smart enough to properly assign the names to  

Company Name Exceeds 40 Characters

The Company Name field in Outlook's Contacts are limited to 40 characters when you use the Outlook Hotmail Connector and the Notes field is limited to 1024 characters.

Using Large Distribution Lists

My mail provider allows me to use distribution lists with up to 500 members but when I use Outlook 2007, I can only send to about 100 people. Is there any way I can send more than 100 emails from distribution list? No, you can't use larger distribution lists with Outlook if Outlook says "No".  

Outlook Connector Contact Sync Bug (Fixed)

The Outlook Connector Contact Sync Bug is fixed. Hotmail deployed the fix to their servers the week of Sept 15 2011 and Contact Sync is functional again. There may be some minor issues with refreshing the view in Hotmail. If you make a change in Outlook, you may not see the change reflected in Hotmail  

Contacts and Instant Search

When Outlook's Instant Search is not working as expected, you may need to rebuild the search index. I'll show you how.