Adding Appointments to Other User's Calendar

A user had a question about adding appointments to calendars: How can I add an appointment to my employees' Outlook calendar without needing to send a meeting request? I want it to be on the employee's calendar as a required event. I can view the calendars, but I don't have permission to add appointments. Is  

Calendar Reminders are missing in Outlook 2013

Outlook 2013 doesn't set a reminder when you open a new appointment form by double clicking on a date in the monthly calendar. Until Microsoft fixes this, you can use a macro to set the reminder.

Disable the ability to create tentative appointments

Note: this will stop Outlook and Exchange from creating tentative appointments on the calendar automatically, however, the tentative appointment will be created at the time you select the meeting request in your Inbox. Exchange Server 2013 The administrator can use this cmdlet to prevent tentative appointments meeting requests received from users outside of your network.  

Outlook Quick Tip: Missing Calendar Bell

Several users who recently upgraded to Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2013 wondered what happened to the reminder bell: The Calendar reminder bell is not displayed on the month view. It's on the other views. How do I turn it on for the month view? Microsoft turned off the bell to give a cleaner appearance. You