Office Modern Authentication Public Preview

Microsoft recently announced that Office 2013 client modern authentication is in public preview for Office365 tenants. What is Modern authentication? It's multi-factor authentication using the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL)-based sign in to Office 2013 Windows clients. Modern authentication requires the March 2015 or later update for Office 2013. It is turned off by default  

Remove Outlook apps from Outlook

A small business recently migrated to Office 365 and the users were complaining about the Bing Maps and Actions links under the message header in many messages. These are Outlook apps, currently available only on Office 365 if using Outlook 2013/2016

Office 365: Share with OneDrive for Business

One of the most common uses for email is to share files. In many circumstances using email to collaborate may not be the most efficient method to work with a group of people on a single document.

Office 365 or Office 2013?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen several threads asking “What is the difference between Office 365 and Office 2013?” and the answers reminded me of the story about the blind men and the elephant – everyone has a different idea about what it is. The guys focusing on IT explained what Office 365 services  

Cut the Clutter: Using Exchange Online’s Clutter Folder

All Exchange Online tenants, including the Small Business plans, should have the new Clutter feature enabled. What is clutter? It moves your less important email out of your Inbox and into the Clutter folder, where you can peruse it later. Most of the mail going into the folder should be bulk mail (advertisements) and messages