Office 365: Search with ease

One of the recent additions that Office 365 has added to its suite of functionality is the ability to quickly search all the information in Office 365 from a single console.

The changing way to access information in Office 365

The typical process most information workers follow when they initially sit down at their desks in the morning is to go into their emails. After a while they'll move to where their files are saved and work there. They also then spend some time inside a social network, whether business or personal. That makes a  

Scheduling Office 365 Protection Reports

One of the things that is constantly improving is the reporting available in Office 365. You'll find all of the latest reports under the Reports option when you visit the Office 365 admin center.

Don’t email, Yammer

One of the major trends we are seeing in the technology landscape is the move away from traditional communication mediums like email to social networks.

SharePoint Online Site Mailboxes

How to create a SharePoint Site Mailbox on Office 365. This shared mailbox can receive and send email directly while be accessed by all team members both from their desktop and on the web.

Ignite 2015 Session Recordings and Slides

Microsoft hosted the first Microsoft Ignite Conference May 4-8, 2015. There were over 680 sessions, with the majority of them now available on Microsoft's Channel9. Below is a list of the sessions targeting Office developers and IT Pros. The full catalog of the sessions is available at Channel9.

Office 365 Groups

Configuring Groups in Office 365: One of the recent additions to the Office 365 set of features is something that is a cross between traditional email distribution lists and a basic SharePoint Team site.

The Benefits of Exchange Mailboxes for Individuals

I'm frequently asked questions that go something like this: I'm a long-time Outlook user but with all the places I am looking at email (Laptop PC, Android Tablet, Android Smartphone) email management is starting to become an issue. Would an Exchange subscription help me? Yes, it would help you. You would have excellent sync capabilities  

Office Modern Authentication Public Preview

Microsoft recently announced that Office 2013 client modern authentication is in public preview for Office365 tenants. What is Modern authentication? It's multi-factor authentication using the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL)-based sign in to Office 2013 Windows clients. Modern authentication requires the March 2015 or later update for Office 2013. It is turned off by default