New Office365 Feature: URL Preview in OWA

Link preview adds a small preview snippet to the message when you paste a URL into the email message. The preview snippet is like the URL preview in Facebook, Twitter, and Yammer. It's pretty cool and makes me almost want to use OWA. I have no idea if or when it will make it into  

OWA, SharePoint, and Chrome

When you use Chrome to access Outlook Web App, the Exchange Admin Center, or SharePoint, some pages or windows won't appear.

OWA Light and IE11

When using Internet Explorer 11, OWA Light loads instead of OWA Premium. All versions of Exchange/OWA are affected, including Exchange Server 2013, Exchange 2010, Exchange 2007, and Exchange 2003.

The OWA 2013 Interface

A user new to Office365 hosted Exchange had this comment: When I log into my hosted exchange account I am dishearten that find that the online version of outlook looks and functions nothing like the desktop version. I don't see any way to customize the look and feel or layout. All the classic Outlook functionalities  

Recover Deleted Items in OWA

A user with a mailbox on Exchange wanted to know how to recover items deleted using Shift+Delete. She uses OWA and when she was on an Exchange 2003 server, she added cmd=showdeleted to her mailbox URL to access deleted item recovery. This trick isn't working for her in OWA 2010. No need to resort to  

OWA saves .docx and .xlsx file as .zip

We've had a lot of complaints about OWA saving Office 2007 files using the zip extension the last few weeks. It's an old issue and I'm surprised at the number of times it's come up recently. My best guess is that a lot of organizations with Exchange 2003 are only now upgrading to Office 2007.  

Outlook Web Access for Exchange 2000

Note: Exchange 2000 is past its natural support cycle, with limited support available. This content will remain for reference use however some of the content linked below many no longer be available. Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows any client with a compatible browser to access Exchange Server folders. For Exchange 2000, you create applications using  

Outlook Web Access 5.5

Note: Exchange 5.5 is well past its natural support cycle, therefore neither we nor Microsoft is supporting it. This content will remain for reference use only. Because Exchange 5.5 is no longer supported, some of the content linked below many no longer be available. Outlook Web Access (OWA) allows any client with a compatible browser  

Add an Image to Your Signature in OWA

OWA doesn't include the ability to insert images into signatures. This is because inserting an image from the local computer won't do much good when you access OWA from another computer and OWA doesn't have the capability to store it online for you. However, you can create a signature that contains an image, provided the