Resource denied recurring meeting request

When the resource room booked for one or more of the dates in a new recurring meeting request, the entire recurring meeting is declined. The Exchange administrator can change this behavior.

Allow More ActiveSync Devices

Exchange server has a 10 device limit for ActiveSync access to a mailbox. Users are trying to connect the Mail client to Exchange server but receive an error message instead.


An administrator asked: When we add any new meeting request we get this error "Resource has declined your meeting because it is recurring. You must book each meeting separately with this resource." Is the resource mailbox configured to decline recurring meetings? You can check this using Outlook or with the Get-MailboxCalendarSettings cmdlet: Specifically, check the  

Get All Email Addresses used on Exchange Server

If you need all addresses in use on Exchange server, including those assigned to mail-enabled public folders, you can use the get-recipient cmdlet. This cmdlet gets all of the address on the server where the user, contact, or public folder has an address within a specific domain.