Exchange 2003 Support in Outlook 2013

Exchange 2003 is not supported by Outlook 2013. While this is disappointing to a number of people still using Exchange 2003, it didn't come as much of a surprise. Even ignoring the fact that Exchange 2003 is 10 years old and long out of support, the precedent was set many years ago.

Exchange 2003's Intelligent Message Filter

Filter Update for Exchange Intelligent Message Filter An update to the Intelligent Message Filter SmartScreen filter is available and contains updated spam characteristics that improve the ability of Intelligent Message Filter to block unsolicited commercial e-mail messages. You must have Intelligent Message Filter installed to install this update. While the IMF offers an inexpensive way  

Exchange Server 2003

Exchange Server 2003 is no longer available for purchase. The current version is Exchange 2010. Also see: Exchange 2003 Tools Descriptions New Features | Administration | User Issues | Development | More Information Recently Published Exchange 2003 Knowledgebase Articles New Features What's New in Exchange 2003 How to Troubleshoot Query-Based Distribution Groups Forms-based Authentication —  

What is the System Cleanup folder?

An Outlook user had this question: "I have a folder called System Cleanup at the same level as my Inbox. It has an Inbox folder and a Sent Items folder. The inbox has several items that look like messages that should have been archived, but my archive folder is a PST file local to my