Outlook Folder Management Utilities

This page contains a list of folder management utilities for Microsoft Outlook.

HelpDesk Utilities for Outlook and Exchange Server

This page contains a list of help desk utilities for Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Server. These utilities can be used for help desks, customer support, issue and ticket tracking systems.

Replying to Sent Messages

A user had a complaint about Outlook (don't we all!) and was looking for a way to change the behavior. For example, I send an email to Joe and want to add additional comments after it's sent, so I go to the Sent Items folder and click Reply, but it is replying to me, not  

Office 365 Exchange Online Utilities

The utilities on this list were specifically designed to work with Office 365 Exchange Online.

Anti-Spam Utilities for Exchange and SMTP Servers

Antivirus utilities for Exchange server and SMTP Servers.

Setting the default Country for Outlook Contacts

How to fix Microsoft Outlook when it is using the wrong country in the address or phone number fields of Contacts.

Add comments or notes to messages

Add sticky notes to messages using Outlook Addins.

Outlook Reminder Tools

The add-ins listed on this page will help you manage your reminders. Some of the add-ins will forward reminders using SMS or email. For help with reminders, including VBA code samples for dealing with reminders, including doing "something" when a reminder fires, disabling reminders, and more, see the link in More Information, below. More Information

Outlook Reporting Tools and Utilities

Tools and utilities to create usage reports in Outlook.

Holiday Card List

The Holiday card list is an Unsupported Microsoft sample form application to demonstrate customized Post forms, in this example, to create a list of people that you exchanged holiday cards with. To use this form: Open the pst file using File, Open, Outlook Data file. Open the \\Holiday Card List\Holiday Card List folder. The custom  

Seasonal and Christmas-themed Outlook Addins

Seasonal add-ins, tools, and utilities for Microsoft Outlook. Collection includes Christmas countdown add-ins and more.

Active Directory Management Tools for User Updates

The Active Directory is supposed to make it easy to control users and groups, but managing it can be difficult. The tools found on this page are for end users to update their own records. Administrator tools are located at Active Directory Management Tools

Developer Tools

This is a collection of tools used to view inside MAPI message stores, including Exchange mailboxes and PSTs. Two of the tools, MFCMapi and MDBVu32 are provided by Microsoft. While these tools are designed for developers, they can be used by anyone with basic knowledge to browse for and delete hidden items in a mailbox  

Disclaimer & Signature Tools for Exchange

Signature and Disclaimer tools and utilities for use with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Exchange Storage System Applications

This page lists applications that are built on the Exchange Storage System (formerly called the Web Storage System) introduced in Microsoft Exchange 2000. Some may also work with SharePoint Portal Server, which shares the same storage system. Two big differences between Exchange Storage System applications and Exchange public folder applications is that Exchange store applications