Outlook 2010 August 2015 Update

An Outlook 2010 update was released the week of August 11 2015. Note that this update requires you have Microsoft Office 2010 Service Pack 2 installed. Users will receive a warning dialog when they try to change the Default or Anonymous permissions on a folder. The warning message may resemble the following: Changes you make  

Outlook 2013 August 2015 Updates

In addition to the security update that affects templates, an update for Outlook 2013 was released on August 11 2015. Included in the fixes this month: you can now publish forms to an organizational forms library using Outlook 2013.

Ignite 2015 Session Recordings and Slides

Microsoft hosted the first Microsoft Ignite Conference May 4-8, 2015. There were over 680 sessions, with the majority of them now available on Microsoft's Channel9. Below is a list of the sessions targeting Office developers and IT Pros. The full catalog of the sessions is available at Channel9.

Outlook 2013 May 2015 Updates

There were several Outlook updates released in May, including two for Outlook 2013 and one for one for Outlook 2010. Mac users get two updates: a security update for Office 2011 for Mac and an updated build of Office 2016 for Mac (15.10) The Outlook 2013 updates address the following issues: Adds a button for  

Outlook 2010 Updates for May 2015

A small update was released for Outlook 2010. This update fixes the following issues: When responding to a meeting request by using the Edit Response Before Sending option, the font is set to the system font unexpectedly. If you use Outlook Security Group Policy to configure a VSTO add-in as trusted according to Manage trusted  

CodeTwo Software

CodeTwo has tools for email signature management, calendar and contacts synchronization, and all sorts of migrations to and from Exchange and Office 365. CodeTwo Software

Outlook 2013 Custom form: Tiny text bug (Fixed)

[Fixed] Outlook 2013 RICHED20.DLL bug: the font used in the first field on a custom form is tiny. The field properties look fine, the font size is set to a reasonable size, like 8 point, but the text is very small.