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ArchiveOne Enterprise

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ArchiveOne Enterprise is a comprehensive email archiving and file life cycle management solution that supports Information Governance strategies. Businesses can implement flexible, rules-based information management policies, to control storage retention, compliance, preservation, and discovery of corporate data. ArchiveOne Enterprise is designed to simplify information management activities of the business. Administrators can implement policies set forth by the business and centrally manage live, personally stored (PST) and archived data, while users can access the data from a browser, via any device, including mobile. (Updated: Apr 2013 )

PST Enterprise

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PST Enterprise, from C2C, enables an IT organization to understand the scale of their PST problem so they can appropriate mitigate the risk associated with the "dark data" contained in the files. PST Enterprise systematically discovers PST files, anywhere on your network, identifies the owners of orphaned files, applies retention policies, migrates data and, finally eliminates files. PST Enterprise is simple, flexible, scalable and proven - built on 10 years of PST management experience with our flagship ArchiveOne Enterprise product. (Updated: Apr 2013 )

Access Security Manager

Access Security Manager controls and verifies Exchange/Outlook mailbox and public folder access rights and permissions. ASM enables you to audit and update users' permissions in line with approved security policy and practices, e.g. when an employee changes roles within or leaves the company. Recent updates allow you to dump the permissions into a database for more granular auditing. ASM is used by some of the largest banks is US, Europe and Japan to assist with security management (Updated: Aug 2010)

MaX Compression

MaX Compression automatically and invisibly zips and unzips attachments in Outlook and Exchange. The benefits are: reducing demands for storage and bandwidth and improves productivity. There are four components. MC Client for Outlook which zips/unzips in real time. MC for OWA giving corresponding features in Outlook Web Access. MC Server which will zip/unzip existing attachments in an Exchange Information Store. MC Gateway which will zip/unzip as attachments pass through the SMTP gateway. (Updated: Aug 2010)

PST Manager

PST Manager gives the administrator the ability to discover PSTs on network shares or local drives, whether they are associated or unassociated. The admin can also see the machine they are on, size and more. Upgrade to the enterprise version and you will be able to see and manage the content of the PSTs Lite Version is Free of Charge (Updated: Aug 2010)

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