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These utilities provide telephony capabilities other than voice mail, such as:

  • Reading your e-mail to you over the telephone
  • Using CallerID to pop up a Contact entry
  • Recording a sound file for transmission via e-mail
  • Uploading phone numbers from your Contacts folder to your cellular phone
  • Place phone calls to Outlook contacts


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CallAudit Voice

Voice telephony software that displays Outlook contacts using CallerID, creates new contact records where needed and delivers incoming voice mail and faxes to your Outlook Inbox.


Make calls to Outlook contacts and record incoming calls in the Outlook Journal. Displays caller names for incoming calls. Supports English, German and Italian. Does not trigger Outlook email security update prompts. To integrate your PBX with your computers systems, check out ESTOS TapiServer.

IdentaFone Multi-Line

Caller ID software compatible with various manufacturers' multi-line caller ID hardware to monitor many lines. Incoming calls can pop up Outlook contact records. Displays status of all lines, and provides detailed utilization reports.

IdentaPop Pro

Caller ID add-in for Outlook displays either the Caller ID or the related Outlook contact. For callers not in Contacts, you get the option of creating a new Outlook contact. Call logging and blocking also included.


Record spoken mail messages in MP3 format. Free version allows up to 30 seconds of recording. Commercial version allows unlimited recording time. Outlook 2000 or later.

Merlinia Outback

An advanced in/out board with Outlook calendar integration giving the receptionists a complete overview of "who's out and who's back", both now and in the near future.

Team Helpdesk for Outlook

ITIL helpdesk with automated ticketing and issue tracking for support team to log, analyze, collaborate, track and escalate support requests in an organized and structured way in Outlook. Can auto-process incoming support requests, auto-assign technicians, enforce service level, set due date and send automated notifications to cut the overhead of manual tasks significantly. Comes with integrated Knowledge Base, Asset Tracking, SLA, Report builders and OLAP Statistical tools. Support for Skype, SMS and Phone calls. Includes Web Access sites for technicians and end-users. Improves your efficiency to enable faster response time.

TeleMessage MS Outlook Plugin

Use the global TeleMessage messaging service to send messages from within Outlook to telephones (using a text-to-speech engine), fax machines, pagers, SMS devices, email addresses, and instant messaging applications.

VistaPoint Companion for Microsoft Outlook

Add-in to connect Outlook 2003 to VistaPoint Integrated Call Manager to pop up contact information for incoming calls.

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