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If some messages arrive from the Internet looking like scrambled eggs, then you need to save each one as a file, then decode it. This is much less of a problem with current versions of Microsoft Outlook than it was with older versions of Microsoft Outlook and Exchange Messaging.

There are two types of files that may need decoded: uuencoded messages, that for one reason or another did not get decoded by Outlook and winmail.dat files that result from using RTF message format.

The TNEF/winmail.dat decoder tools can be used by non-Outlook users to "crack open" winmail.dat files to recover attachments.

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Utility to decode attachments sent by Outlook that arrive as Winmail.dat files because you sent in Rich Text Format.

Rot-13 for Outlook

Rot-13 Addin is Rot-13 encoder/decoder for Outlook.Free. Version:

TNEF's Enough

Tool for Macintosh computers to decode the Winmail.dat attachment sent in Rich Text Format messages.

Winmail Opener

Winmail Opener is a small and simple utility that allows users to view and extract contents of TNEF-encoded messages (winmail.dat). Version 1.4 - Free.

Winmail.dat Reader

Open, convert and save the files on winmail.dat email attachments sent by Microsoft Outlook and Exchange. Easy-to-use graphic interface (no command-line tool). Displays the original message subject and body. Free.


Includes UUencode, BinHex and MIME support, so you can extract attachments from messages that you've saved as files.


More Information

  • OL2000 Information About Outlook and Encoded Messages
  • Decoding Internet Attachments – A Tutorial

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