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These tools reduce the amount of space required to store attachments and the amount of time required to send messages by applying various compression techniques.

If you use Outlook 2010, see Outlook 2010’s Default Attachment Size for an issue that may cause issues when using these tools.

The applications on this page integrate with Outlook. Tools for use with servers are listed at Compression Tools for Exchange server.

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Attachments Processor

Attachments Processor allows extracting attachments from the incoming messages and save them to your hard disk (extracted attachments are replaced in the incoming message with a link to the file on the disk or a text file with an attachment description as well and a link to it). Attachments Zip Compressor: allows automatic archiving the attached files by ZIP both for incoming and outgoing messages. It can create self-extracting archives and password-protected archives. Blocked Attachments management: utility for managing the list of attachment types, which are blocked by the Outlook security system.


Attachments2Zip automatically zips and encrypts sensitive large or small e-mail attachments. Allows you to see zip attachments' content without opening the file archive. Open only selected files from multiple files zip attachments in one click without opening all archive files. Auto-Encryption With Predefined Password. Now you can enable auto-encryption of ZIP archive in options, and your attachments will not only be zipped, but also encrypted automatically before they are sent.


This Outlook plugin will compress (zip) attachments in your mail, just before the mail gets sent.


DirectXchange is an Outlook Add-in that allows you to send large files via email by automatically compressing and splitting them. DirectXchange loads large files, compresses them into a zip archive, splits the archive into multiple pieces and attaches each piece to a separate email message. It then sends these messages to the recipient. On the receiving end, DirectXchange automatically re-assembles the pieces into the original archive.


With MessageLock, you can encrypt your email message and/or file attachments using encryption as strong as AES-256 bit (U.S. Government standard). Or you can send a self-decrypting .exe file that will prompt the recipient for a password before decrypting the message. MessageLock can also collect and manage your passwords, both for sending and receiving encrypted files. This allows MessageLock to encrypt with a single click, and decrypt inbound messages automatically. Also adds integrated Zip Compression. For Outlook 2000 through 2007.

NXPowerLite Desktop Edition

NXPowerLite reduces PowerPoint, Word, Excel, JPEG and PDF files by up to 95% without Zipping! It integrates directly with Outlook to automatically compress email attachments as they are sent. Any files reduced with NXPowerLite remain in their original format, so recipients don't need a copy of our software to open or edit them!

PKZIP for Desktop

PKZip for Desktop adds integration with Outlook to automatically compress, sign, and encrypt message attachments. Enforcement of enterprise policies using policy management capabilities, controlling who can use encryption and what method of encryption they use. Command-line add-on for scripting unattended processes.


SqueezeMail automatically reduces the size of .png, .jpg, .tiff, .bmp, .gif or .ico image or PowerPoint PPTX attachments.

WinZip Email Companion for Outlook

The Companion can be configured to automatically zip your attachments, ask whether or not you want them zipped, or let you zip and attach files manually with just a few mouse clicks. Toolbar and menu items allow you to control the Companion's functionality on a message-by-message basis. In addition, sensitive attachments can be easily protected with the same built-in advanced AES encryption found in WinZip. Version 2.

ZipMail for Outlook

E-mail and message tracking service using a public key server, with direct Outlook integration via a free add-in. Also compresses and encrypts file attachments.


Outlook COM Add-in that automatically compresses mail attachments for all types of Outlook items, both outgoing messages and items in folders. Maintains an index of attachments, so you can find and open them easily, but does not index the full text of attached documents. Can be configured to automatically compress .exe and other file types blocked by the Outlook Email Security Update, so that recipients will get a .zip file they can open without difficulty.


E-mail and message encryption service using a public key server, with direct Outlook integration via a free add-in. Also compresses and encrypts file attachments.

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    i use 7 zip to compress files for email. I just have to make sure that i select one of the most used format so whoever receives the file can view it easily. Nice breakdown though

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    MS all time open door for third party tools. it's not include need tool. This tools good for space and network opt.
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