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Welcome to the home for a special group of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook utilities. All these gizmos fulfill important needs expressed by users. All are freeware or inexpensive shareware, and we’re very grateful to the developers for making them available. Note that most are provided as-is, and little or no support is available. Please contact the developers if you have questions about these applications.

Most of these should work with allversions of Microsoft Outlook but may not work with Outlook 98/2000 Internet Only mode). These utilities may not work with Outlook 2010 64-bit. They will not work with Outlook Express, which is a completely different e-mail client from Microsoft.


Tools in the Spotlight

My Outlook Calendar

Customizable Word template for generating Outlook weekly and monthly calendars. Print any Outlook calendar that you have access to, including calendars from other users' mailboxes and Public Folders. Add color coding by category or by type of item (one-day event, multiple-day event, etc.) Specify time and date formats and the title for the calendar. Slower than Microsoft's Outlook Calendar Template, but it does much more and follows progress in the status bar. See Using and Editing My Outlook Calendar Template for customization tips.


Enhanced Word template for printing, viewing and web publishing monthly calendars from Outlook data. Based on Microsoft's Outlook Calendar Template. Includes category-based color-coding, better performance.


Attachment Options

COM add-in by Outlook MVP Ken Slovak that adds an Attachment Security Options page to the Tools, Options dialog in Outlook 2000 SP3 or higher to allow you to manage which file attachments are blocked. New version adds support for the .gadget extension for Outlook 2003 SP3 and Outlook 2007 SP1. It also adds detection for those SP levels. Shareware. Version 1.9.6

Exchange Download Display Extension

Uses a system tray icon to display the number of messages being downloaded during the current connection session. The author says it needs the Microsoft Exchange Server service in the profile, but I've found that it works at least some of the time without it.

Exchange Hook

Strictly for developers, a mechanism for adding Exchange/Outlook client extensions that perform actions when you open or close messages, based on an address in the From field on the message. When Exchange Hook is installed, you'll see a Message Handlers tab in the Tools, Options dialog. (If you don't see this tab in Outlook, make sure Exchange Hook is installed in the Add-In Manager.) Use this tab to configure Exchange Hook to process messages with programs that you create in VB or other tools. With source code. Outlook 2010 and earlier.


Utility to rename or delete "special" Outlook folders such as the Calendar, Tasks, Inbox, and Contacts. VB source code included. Requires CDO. Free.

Group Schedule

Simple, unified view of the calendar for a group. For Microsoft Outlook connected to Microsoft Exchange Server, free client utility to display the schedules for a group of users in a color-coded grid. You can double-click any cell in the grid to get more detailed information on a user's appointments. Requires Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Exchange Server and the main Visual Basic 5.0 runtime file, Msvbvm50.dll. Freeware.


Outlook 2000 VBA form that allows you to create a local appointment folder that collates the schedules from a group of people on demand (not automatically). After creating the local calendar, you can then use the viewing/printing features of Outlook to filter the data, or use the template to create color coded calendars in Word. Requires Outlook 2000, Exchange Server, CDO, and some shared calendars.

Information Storage Usage Form

Outlook form for measuring the amount of space used by an Exchange Server mailbox. Publish to your Personal Folders so you can access it with the Compose | New Form function.


Context menu command for Internet Explorer 4.0 or later to work around the problems using IE's File | Send | Link by E-mail command. This command creates a new mail message containing the link as text. Follow the Readme.txt instructions to copy the file to your system and register the command.


MarkRead is a custom action that you can use with Inbox Assistant or the Outlook Rules Wizard to mark messages as read. This is especially handy if you move junk mail to its own folder for review. Beta 1, 16kb, 19 Nov 97. Does not affect the envelope icon on the system tray, which will still show new messages having arrived. May not work in all versions of Outlook 2000. (Custom actions do not work at all in Outlook 2002.) Make sure you have a C:\Exchange folder before running setup; create it if necessary. Not needed with Outlook 2003 and up, a mark as read action exists in Rules Wizard.


Have you used ECCO or Lotus Organizer and miss the outlining capability? Here's a simple way to do much the same thing in Microsoft Outlook. To use it, use File | Open Special Folder | Personal Folder to open the Notebook.pst file downloaded via the link below. Then copy the Notepad folder to your Personal Folders or Exchange Server mailbox. In the Notepad folder, use Compose | New Post in This Folder to open a special form with Chapter, Heading, Page and Page Number fields that are used in the special views created for this folder. Freeware.

Phone Message

Simple MAPI-enabled application for easy entry of "while you were out" and other phone messages. Version 2.0, 84kb, 1 Nov 1997. For more information, click the system menu (the red icon on upper left of the Phone Message dialog box), to see About Phone Message and Default Settings. Latest version adds a Carbon Copy feature, new default window colors, support for Dutch and Danish and access to the Exchange/Outlook Address book.

Visual MAPI

(Formerly MAPI Mate) Automatic code generator for MAPI (i.e. CDO) projects in Visual Basic or VBA. Follow the instructions in the Readme.txt file to install. Donationware. Requires the VB 6.0 runtime. 391kb, 15 Nov 99.


A wizard that imports addresses (including distribution lists) from Eudora into a Personal Address Book. Latest version, 3 Feb 98, fixes a minor bug. Donationware. Requires MAPI 1.1 (Exchange 5.0 or Microsoft Outlook 8.01 or later) and Msvbvm50.dll dated 19 Jul 97 or later from the Visual Basic Runtimes.


  1. Chiefig says

    All questions pertain to
    I have US Holidays show up even when I do not have that calendar selected
    Anyway to change colors calendar to specific items.
    Anyway to have 'custom' label in the 'Phone' section of People

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      The holidays calendar is configured by default - you can deselect it or delete it online. Appointments in account in outlook should now support color categories - right click on the appointment and choose Categorize.

      The only way to customize labels is with custom forms. You can't change the entries on the dropdowns (phone # and email).

  2. Chiefig says

    Thanks Diane, I figured out the calendar problem was syncing with OL 2013 .
    The categorize for colors works on OL 2013 but not
    Do you recommend or at least point me in the direction for a custom form for People entries.
    Thank you again and in advance. Thanks for all you do for the community.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      I'm not sure if custom forms will work with accounts. What do you want the form to do?

  3. Chiefig says

    Thanks again for the reply. What I want the form to do and perhaps 'form' is the wrong word.
    You and the rest of us have friends or family that have 2 or more cell phones. In the contact (People) section of and Outlook 2013, there is no way to identify who's phone number you are calling - other than Mobil, Assistant, Other, Work, Fax, Work 2, etc.

    I would like to have Larry's phone # and Bonnie's phone #, not Assistant or Other, Home, etc..

    Thank you.

    • Diane PoremskyDiane Poremsky says

      That is not possible. You would need to have separate contacts for Larry and Bonnie. Otherwise, you would need to use the Notes section and put it in something like "Bonnie: xxx-xxx-xxxx"

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