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These utilities, mostly for Microsoft Exchange Server mailboxes, add disclaimers and signatures to outgoing messages.

See for Content Control Tools for Microsoft Exchange Server for utilities that support:

  • Filtering attachments
  • Filtering junk mail
  • Filtering for objectionable content

Exchange 2007 and up provides native support for disclaimers, see How to Configure a Disclaimer for more information and instructions.


CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro
CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro goes beyond standard Hub Transport email rules on Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2010 and lets you fully control email flow, filter messages and add signatures and branding to email. It is easier to use than Exchange native tools and it gives you everything Exchange offers, and also a lot of new features Exchange admins consider as a must-have. Quickly create group forward rules, auto-responders, filter messages, control email content, rewrite sender's addresses, tag messages, add signatures and disclaimers, and more.

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers

Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers is the only Exchange signature and disclaimer management solution Microsoft Certified for Windows Server. Centrally design and control all signatures and disclaimers sent from all devices, including smartphones, tablets, OWA and Outlook. The powerful editor lets you combine images, text and fields to create compelling signatures and you can assign different signatures based on AD groups, OU or any other attribute. Download a free, fully featured trial.


Adolsign creates AD-aware Outlook signature files. Adolsign can scan signature templates in html, rtf or plain text format, replace scan codes with equivalent fields in Active Directory and places processed templates into Outlook's signature directory. It now offers vCard support and multiple signatures via domain group membership specified in the configuration file. It is a command line based utility, making deployment easy via login/startup scripts or software distribution systems. Ver. 1.6

CodeTwo Email Signatures

CodeTwo Email Signatures is an easy to use signature manager for Outlook, Office 365 and Outlook Web App (OWA). The program will let you create email signatures in HTML, RTF and plain text formats, and deploy them to many users with one click. Thanks to this application, unified and great-looking signatures can be distributed to multiple Microsoft Outlook, OWA and Office 365 users at once. The program is capable of removing old signatures created by users, and defining font-styles in messages.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules

CodeTwo Exchange Rules enables central defining of disclaimers added to all e-mails sent via Microsoft Exchange server. Use Exchange Rules to add different disclaimers depending on a message sender's address or domain to e-mails, to add personalized disclaimers containing sender's data available in the Active Directory database to e-mails. Extended rule criteria to select the most appropriate footers for messages. Built-in signature editor to create footers; contains an Email archiving and statistics module. Free trial. Exchange 2000/2003 only.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 is an all-in-one signature and disclaimers management tool for Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. It's designed for adding and managing email signatures centrally, to emails based on Active Directory conditions. CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2007 enables HTML formatting and easy insertion of graphics or even Active Directory photos to the signature templates. The program integrates with Active Directory and lets you incorporate dynamic fields in users' signatures that are replaced with their data on the fly. Comes with a rich library of signature templates and a Rules Tester to test your settings. Version 3.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 email signatures and disclaimers system enables professional design and implementation of corporate signatures in an Exchange Server 2010 organization. Use the Rules Tester to test the signature rules in a non-production environment. Editing rights management make it possible to delegate the design of corporate signatures e.g. to marketing departments or graphic designers. CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2010 allows adding personalized QR codes to signature templates and supports national character encoding. New version 2.0.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013

CodeTwo Exchange Rules 2013 enables administrators to add unified disclaimers, signatures and branding to emails sent from Exchange 2013 accounts - all without touching end-users machines. Compatible with all popular mail clients and mobile devices. It offers a graphical interface and a library of signature templates and graphics. Editing rights management make it possible to delegate the design of corporate signatures e.g. to marketing departments or graphic designers. CodeTwo Exchange Rules allows adding personalized QR codes to signature templates and supports national character encoding.


Rule-based disclaimers and other outgoing message processing for Exchange 2000 and Windows 2000 systems running the IIS SMTP service. Can handle both plain text and HTML disclaimers.


Use eMailSignature to create, design and manage email signatures centrally. Ensure company logos and merge employee information from Active Directory or other data source. Signatures are visible before sending. Automatic RTF and TEXT version creation and no installations on clients or Exchange Server required. Simple deployment through logon script or GPO. Extra modules for deploying vCards, campaigns, disclaimers and much more. Central administration through an administrative interface with built-in security. Free trial.

Exclaimer Mail Utilities

Exclaimer Mail Utilities is an email management solution, providing tools for email branding, email signatures, auto-responding, forwarding, email blocking, anti-spam and anti-virus, whilst ensuring your organisation meets all disclaimer compliance regulations. Maintain your corporate brand image through the use of personalised signatures branded with your company logo, and insert dynamic information from your Active Directory based on individual users. Exclaimer Mail Utilities is an extremely effective rules based tool that enables the easy management of corporate email. Download a free trial.

Exclaimer Signature Manager

Exclaimer Signature Manager is the multi-award-winning solution for centrally managing and deploying Outlook, OWA and Office 365 signatures. There's nothing to install at the client and no Outlook add-ins are required. The powerful editor lets you combine images, text and fields to create compelling signatures. With our flexible and intuitive rules engine, you can assign different signatures based on AD groups, OU or any other attribute. Download a free, fully featured trial.

GFI MailEssentials for Exchange

Anti-spam, disclaimers (with variables), archiving Internet mail, Internet mail usage reports. Includes a POP downloader and personalized server-based autoreplies that can include attachments and tracking numbers. Can archive to an ODBC database. Current version includes Overall improved anti-spam technology, an additional anti-spam engine called SpamRazer along with improved performance and a real-time dashboard.

InsertText 4Outlook

InsertText reduces the time it takes to write and respond to emails while also increasing the accuracy. InsertText gives you the fastest way of creating and using templates/pre-written responses in Microsoft Outlook. Write templates that you can reuse later or insert repeated text/graphics fragments or create new emails directly from templates. Much more than just copy & paste and easy to use even if you have hundreds of templates. Your templates can include email specific fields such as the message, Subject, To, CC and BCC fields. Works inside Outlook and from the System Tray. Version 3.0.20

Mail Signature Manager

Deploy standardized signatures and disclaimers to Outlook and Outlook Web Access, pulling contact information from Active Directory or a database. Does not require software installation or changes to servers or workstations. Deploy via logon script or AD. Signatures visible to users in both Outlook and Outlook Web Access. Built-in editor for designing HTML, RTF and Plain Text signature and disclaimer templates. Include the same disclaimer with different signatures, and include scheduled news, marketing or special offers in signatures. Supports Outlook stationery. Free evaluation version.

Mailbox Central

Mailbox Central provides your organization with the unique possibility to implement and ensure a company-wide standard email signature and identity. With Mailbox Central your email will stand-out, while effectively distributing your contact information and corporate brand. Mailbox Central automatically generates an email signature with each individual's contact information, which is inserted into all outgoing emails. Mailbox Central is integrated with Active Directory and receives the contact information directly from it, thus eliminating typos while creating a uniform email signature

MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange

MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange is a solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, intended for the centralized management of signatures and disclaimers in corporate mail messages. MAPILab Disclaimers for Exchange will help not only to meet email messaging standards and requirements, but also will transform each outgoing message into an effective marketing tool by adding the necessary text and graphic information about your company.

OpusFlow Disclaimer for Outlook

Client-based disclaimer tool that adds standard text and logo to outgoing messages. Use the configuration editor to configure and preview the emails. Display active directory fields and drag & drop them into the configuration and preview the result. In an Exchange environment, read data from the GAL into the signature. Company version uses a central settings file to enforce company-specific information and combine that with personal information to create a signature with a standard layout. Personal version is free.

Policy Patrol Disclaimers

Personalized email disclaimers and signatures for Exchange 5.5, 2000 and 2003. Supports formatting, merge fields and multiple disclaimers in each message. Distinguishes between internal and external messages, using different disclaimers for each. Avoids multiple disclaimers on replies and forwards and can position a signature or disclaimer after the last entered message text. Can be configured to send blind copies to a designated mailbox, in part to prove that disclaimers were sent.

Policy Patrol Signatures

Centrally manage your employees' Outlook (and Outlook Web Access) email signatures, ensuring that your corporate emails contain a professional and consistent email signature along with the necessary legal disclaimer. Outlook email signatures can include your company logo, links and branding. With Policy Patrol's Active Directory merge fields, each email signature is automatically personalized with the sender's information. Email signatures can be applied company wide as well as per user or group

QS Disclaimer

QS Disclaimer can add disclaimers to mail sent from any client, such as Outlook, Mail, Outlook Web Access, Apple Mail or even handheld devices and Smartphones, as long as the message is sent via Exchange or the SMTP Server. A disclaimer and signature editor is included which lets you add images and HTML to make disclaimers or signatures that stand out. You can also add Active Directory fields to make a signature specific to a user. Disclaimers and signatures can also be controlled by groups of users. Free trial available.


Subscriptio is a complete solution for central e-mail signature management. All this can be done from the cloud. Works with Outlook, Exchange, Google Mail, Windows Mail.

VIPRE Email Security for Exchange

Email security software for Exchange featuring world-class antivirus, antispam, and a powerful, granular attachment filter.


XtraBanner is an E-mail enrichment solution for Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 servers. The software adds banners, disclaimers and ads to your organization's e-mail correspondence - both internal and outgoing. Distributed architecture supports multiple configurations, including: single server, multiple hub transport servers, edge servers. A fully-functional 30-day trial version is available for download.

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Articles on using event sinks in Exchange 2000 to perform file scans and add disclaimers. Note the fine print — these techniques don’t work when Outlook is the client:

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