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This is a collection of tools for the Microsoft Outlook Contacts folder which don't fit in any of the following categories:

Several other kinds of tools related to contacts are listed on their own pages:

Shared Address Books | Data Entry and Updating | Duplicate Checkers
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Actual Contacts for Outlook

Actual Contacts for Outlook is a Microsoft Outlook add-in for validating and updating your address book. Select contacts and ACO will send them a message containing a form. E-mail addresses in your Outlook can be verified with just a few clicks.

Contacts Sort Order

The most frequent problem with contacts is how to set the File As order on existing contacts after you have set the order in your Outlook preferences. Now you can stay organized by updating all your existing contacts and address books with either 'last name, first name' order or 'first name, last name' order. This add-in automates what is otherwise a tedious, time consuming process. Free. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

vCard ImportExport

Topalt vCard ImportExport is simple and easy to use tool for importing and exporting vCard files (*.vcf) to/from Outlook. It can import and export multiple entries vCard files as well as files containing only one entry. Additionally, vCard ImportExport can split/combine multiple vCard files to/from one vCard file even without Outlook installed. You can export vCard files using build-in Microsoft Outlook engine and manage duplicates when importing duplicated contacts. However, unlike generic Outlook import/export it can export and import multiple entries file or import or export all contacts to vCard files at once.

AD Bulk Contacts

Active Directory Contact Import Tool. Import, modify or delete Active Directory Contacts in bulk, mail-enable contacts on import. Can be automated to keep Contacts up to date.

Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts with GAL Sync

Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts with GAL Sync syncs Exchange global address list to users so they have a local copy of your corporate address book contacts and on smartphones and mobile devices. Global Address List synchronization allows you to treat the GAL as the 'source' public folder of a relationship to be synchronized one way with one or more users' mailbox folders. Supports small attached photos and Outlook fields which are not in the GAL. Sync 1-way, not bi-directional. Can sync Calendars, Tasks, Posts, Notes, and builds relationships with the Relationship Group Manager. 21 day trial.


Alphabet4Contacts toolbar displays an English alphabet tab in both Address and Phone List Views. The software provides access to contacts through sorting and filtering them by a selected first letter. It's not just replacing the standard Contacts Index, its a one-click filter providing pre-sorted, filtered, and easily accessible contacts. Sort by contact name, last name, company name, etc.

Bynari Addressbook

The Bynari AddressBook is a fully LDAP 2 and LDAP 3 compliant query tool designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook (2003-2013). The Bynari AddressBook is capable of querying any OpenLDAP, Active Directory, or LDAP2/LDAP3 compliant database.

Bynari Outlook WebDAV Collaborator

The WebDAV Collaborator is a powerful plug-in for synchronizing your CalDAV calendar and/or CardDAV contact data to Outlook. Works with Gmail calendar, Yahoo, Zimbra, Zarafa, Atmail, and more. Outlook WebDAV Collaborator is compatible with Office 2013. Outlook 2003-2010 32/64 bit support.

CCS Service Request

CCS Service Request provides a central point for tracking and managing service requests for departments such as HR, IT, Facilities, Sales and Marketing. Tickets are submitted from an Outlook form, email or web page. The ticket is routed to the department providing the service. Department staff is assigned the request. Includes full reporting, knowledge base and flexible forms. Easy to install, run.


Integration of Google Voice and Microsoft Outlook enables you to call, schedule auto-calls, text, conference call, broadcast text, play voicemails and transfer files in Microsoft Outlook. Free trial.

ContactGenie DataPort

ContactGenie DataPort, contact import/export for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2010. Full support for custom forms/fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Ability to either add only or update pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Export from Exchange GAL and Global Distribution Groups. Standardize primary field formats. Save unlimited import/export criteria templates for repeated use. Command line support for unattended operation. Native MS SQL support. v3.3

ContactGenie Exporter

Export contact folders, Exchange GAL, and Global Distribution groups. Premium Edition supports database updating. Can be run in a scheduled un-attended mode for repetitive requirements.

ContactGenie MultiPort

ContactGenie MultiPort, import/export for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2010. Full support for custom forms/fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Import to/Export from multiple Exch User default contact folders. Import/Export from Exch GAL and Global Dist Group members. Ability to either add only or update pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Save unlimited import/export criteria templates for repeated use. Command line support for unattended operation. Native MS SQL Support. (Free upgrade for DataPort 3.0 registered users)

ContactGenie QuickPort

ContactGenie QuickPort, contact import/export tool for Microsoft Outlook 2000/2010. Provides full support for custom forms/fields in PST, Exchange Mailbox, or Exchange public folders. Ability to either add only or update pre-existing contacts using one or more user-selected fields as update keys. Export from Exchange GAL and Global Distribution Groups. Standardize primary field formats such as FileAs, EmailDisplayName and FullName. Save last import/export criteria for repeated use.

ContactGenie Toolkit

ContactGenie Toolkit: 28 functions for Outlook 2000-2010 enabling changes to individual standard and custom fields; standardization for Message Class, CompanyName, FileAs, EmailDisplayAs, Fullname, and other fields; contact and NK2 info export; export contacts to CSV file; global changes for CompanyName, Company Address, Email and Web addresses. Preview/override any pending changes. Add Birthday/Anniversary/user-defined dates to default calendar. Personal Distribution Group management and more.

Contacts Database

Outlook 2007 has 65 usable fields for contacts. This utility captures all of them and presents them to you in a easy to read Access database. The information in Outlook is not altered at any time and the information presented in our application is read only. All contact additions and editing take place in Outlook. The user can refresh the database at any time.

Contacts Sync for Outlook and Google Contacts

Contacts Sync - Synchronize Outlook Contacts with Gmail - Freeware and Pro version. 2way contacts sync, sync Outlook Categories, pictures, notes, sync by last changed contact, skip Outlook Category, sync Outlook Contacts to 2 Gmail accounts, Preview Sync with option to download entire Outlook/Gmail contact list as single CSV file and more.


Use CustomDays to display a person's age on their birthday or year on anniversaries. The display can be changed individually using placeholders. You can also use this tool to delete birthday entries that are not associated with a contact. Automatically send a birthday email, or completely prevent the entry of birthdays in the calendar. Also available separately as CustomBirthday and CustomAnniversary.

Davton CRM

Davton CRM is a Customer Relationship Management system built in to Microsoft Outlook. It uses Microsoft Exchange Public Folders to store and share information. It incorporates and enhances all the features in Outlook which your team already use, so getting your team to use it will be straight forward. Features include: * Create Marketing Campaigns and Calling Lists * Project linking for Architects and other project oriented organisations * One click email processing and linking


Dawn will convert your address book from one program's format to another. If you have ever wanted to switch E-Mail programs, a complete conversion is just a few clicks away. Power users will like the ability to see edit and delete parts of the data before saving it as well as support for common file formats. Freeware. Version 5.4

eMailSignature vCard

Deploy vCards for all users in Active Directory. Easily integrate vCards with email signatures. Simple deployment mechanism for any number of users. Stay current with all Outlook contacts. Free trial.

Endicia Internet Postage

Design and print envelopes, labels, and other mailings with postage included, using contact data from Outlook.

Envelopes For Outlook

Envelopes for Outlook is an add-in that places a button on each MS Outlook contact toolbar for simple one click envelope printing. All versions of Outlook from 2000 to 2007 are supported. POSTNET barcodes and logo printing supported.

Evercontact for Outlook

Evercontact for Outlook detects contact details in your incoming email signatures and adds this valuable info to your address book. After a 3-minute installation, Evercontact for Outlook works 100% in the background detecting new contact details and adding them to your address book. You'll see the contact updates in a right pane in Outlook and by clicking on any update you can see the email it came from and view/edit any contact info in your address book. Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010 (32 bits or 64 bits), Outlook 2013

Excel to Outlook

Excel to Outlook is an Excel to Outlook Contact converter tool that exports data from each excel fields to similar Outlook attributes.

Extended Reminders

Outlook COM add-in that enables you to receive reminders from any mail, calendar, contacts, or tasks folder in your default information store (Exchange mailbox or Personal Folders file) except the Outbox.

Find Contacts from Infoware

Find Contacts provides an AutoText like interface to Contact information that you have stored in Outlook and Exchange making it easy to insert an address into any document. It can search not only your own contacts but also another person's contacts folder and a workgroup public folder of contacts if you have Exchange Server. Searching can be done by Contact name, Company name or Category. Versions available for Outlook and Exchange Lotus Notes, InterAction, TimeMatters, PCLaw, Act and Apex.


Provides database connectivity to Outlook and Exchange, allowing easy access to contact, calendar and customer information stored in your database. Tasks can also be created in Outlook based on events in your database. Ability to Synchronize both ways means information can be updated or backed-up quickly. Offers complete flexibility by allowing connectivity to any standard database through ODBC. Microsoft Outlook 2002/2003/2007/2010/2013


gwabbit is an Add-in for Microsoft Outlook and the BlackBerry that finds, gwabs and adds contacts from your emails to your Outlook address book with a single mouse click.

IMI Contacts Exporter

IMI Contacts Exporter is an utility specially designed for Microsoft Outlook users to export Contacts Items from any Microsoft Office Outlook and/or Microsoft Exchange Public Contacts Folder (or private Mailbox folder). - Obtain information for Contact items from any Public Contacts folder in Microsoft Exchange Server. You can restrict exported items (add filter) for lots of Contacts fields. Export to CSV, HTML, SQL, XML, Microsoft Office Access, Microsoft Office Excel.

Journal All Contacts

Turns journaling on or off for all contacts within a folder with one click. Also allows you to turn journaling on or off for individual contacts within subfolders. Enter code WD9BHK53 during checkout.

LinkPoint Vue

Use LinkPoint Vue to view Contact information from your CRM in your Outlook for each recipient of an email. View Opportunities, Cases, Notes, Tasks and Events from your CRM. View, Edit, or Create a new Account, Contact, Lead, Opportunity, or Case directly from LinkPoint Vue. Click-to-dial a phone number using VoIP telephones like Skype or Vonage. View other data besides your CRM data, like Social Networks, data aggregators and soon internal corporate systems. Get maps and directions to the contact's address with just a click.

LookOut class macro

LookOut is a Microsoft Outlook class macro intended to manage contacts. The main objective is to move from a folder structure to a category structure. Among the duties performed by LookOut there are: the conversion of contact folders in categories; the export of entire folder trees as single-contact or multi-contact vCards, the detection and management of duplicate contacts; the inclusion of a category field when exporting as vCard.

MailNotes for Outlook

Write down important notes when you discuss the mail using hands-free telephone. Write all the related information next to the email you are reading. View the related notes anytime later. Work inside Outlook instead of writing on the paper.


Menudex can initiate VOIP calls, SMS, Skype and Email. Menudex is the easiest way to connect with your Outlook Clients. Menudex is an index for Outlook contacts that is always available from the Windows notification tray. Menudex can also add "Hi " to the beginning of outgoing emails. Highly Configurable. New features added regularly.


OLfix combines some tools for repairing common things like the profile, contact links and features, for example calling the internal Outlook repair command line switches with a click of a button. Also some hidden settings can be set for example reminders in different folders. Free.

Outlook AddressBookView

OutlookAddressBookView is a simple utility that displays the details of all recipients stored in the Outlook address books. For every recipient entry, the following information is displayed: Email Address, Display Name, Address Type (MS-Exchange or SMTP), Street Address, Phone Number, Created Time and more. Outlook 2003 and up, 32 or 64 bit.

Personal HelpDesk for Outlook

An automated ticketing system for one-person helpdesk and issue tracking in Microsoft Outlook. Log, analyze, track and escalate support requests in an organized and structured process in Outlook. Auto-process incoming support requests and send automated notification emails or SMS alerts. Supports enforcement of SLA in line with ITIL guidelines. Integrated knowledge base, asset tracking and statistical tools. Support for Skype and Phone calls. Includes a self-service website where end-users can submit new support requests, check status, search through the knowledge base. Improves your efficiency to enable faster response time.


System tray add-in to quickly look up Outlook contacts, use contact data in Word letters and other documents, assign hotkeys to Outlook folders and tasks, dial contacts, and launch shortcuts. Works with Outlook 2000 through Outlook 2010 (32-bit only) and any version of Windows (32- or 64-bit).

Public Contact After Reply

Public Contact after Reply for Outlook (Public CAR) is an addin for Outlook which automatically creates an Outlook contact after you reply to an email. Free.

Public Mail2Contact

Public Mail 2 Contact is a freeware Outlook addon that generates contacts from existing e-mails and verifies whether the e-mail-address does already exist as contact of Outlook. Adequate filters prevent Public Mail 2 Contact from creating duplicates in Outlook during the conversion. The usage of individual blacklist filters permits to exclude specific e-mail-addresses, domains or suffixes. This helps to avoid the continuous visualization of the same domains or e-mail addresses during conversion.

Reminder Manager

Reminder Manager provides reminders from any email, calendar, tasks or contacts folder in any open mail store. This allows you to set reminders on items in any folder in your mailbox or PST file, secondary PST files or public folders. Reminders can be emailed to any pager or email enabled communications device.


Roll-A-Desktop is a virtual contact organizer that uses contact information from Outlook contacts. Use it to access phone numbers, addresses, e-mails, and notes without opening Outlook. You can edit your contacts from Roll-A-Desktop and it will update them in Outlook, real-time. Double-click to start a new e-mail message to a contact using your default mail client or web based email. Works like a Rolodex allowing you to scroll through contacts organized by last name. You can search, edit, copy contact info to the clipboard and print. Use Roll-A-Desktop to keep your Outlook data in sync on several computers.

ShareContacts for Outlook

ShareContacts allows the users to share and synchronize their Outlook Contacts folders' data and create public address book. Sync Outlook Contacts between PCs and share Contacts with colleagues or friends. You are able to update and manage all your shared contacts offline or using Internet connection. It is an easy and effective solution for personal contacts synchronization, remote companies and groups.


ShipRush provides one click FedEx and UPS Shipping using Outlook’s contacts. Select the contact the package is shipping, then choose the shipment options and a shipping label is created automatically, with all of the fields completed. Details, including the tracking number, are stored in Outlook and easily accessed from the Contact’s Activities tab.


SKAIFO is an Outlook Add-In that integrates Skype functionality with Microsoft Outlook. It has full-fledged User Interface inside Outlook so there is no need to switch back and force between Outlook and Skype for your free calling needs.

Social Contacts

Outlook Contacts lack some key fields to store information about people. With the rise of social media, it's becoming increasingly important to store a person's account name or ID for these web sites. Our latest Outlook Appins, code named "Asgard" (Social Contacts) will finally allow you to keep track of this information in your standard Contact forms with our Social Fields region (task pane). Nearly 20 social media properties are currently supported, including: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype, Google+, YouTube, And more! Free trial.

Buy and print postage from within Outlook via the Internet. Supports USPS Express Mail, insurance, and many special mailing services. Version 6

SyncWiz for Outlook

SyncWiz add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use Outlook vCard and Calendar converter. Import and export contacts and calendar into vCard, iCal, .vcf, .vcs and .ics file formats. Sync Microsoft Outlook Calendars using vCalendar and iCalendar files. Backup, synchronize and convert contacts to vCard files automatically. Supports .vcf, .vcs and .ics files in different encodings. Import and export all custom item properties correctly. Version 2.14.

VBOffice SAM

SAM automatically sets the sender, signature, and folder for sent items based on several criteria. Use SAM to assign a sending account or SendOnBehalf address and signature to contacts, folders, or categories. Works with Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook 2013.

vCard Converter

Easy to use vCard converter tool to convert vcard 2.1 and vcard 3.0 version vcards into Ms Outlook contacts. Software is a vcard reader which imports individual vcards in bulk or vcards having multiple contacts into Outlook in one go.

vCard Splitter

vCard splitter tool to split any vcard file having multiple contacts into it. Supports 2.1 and 3.0 versions of vcard file.

vCard Wizard

vCard Wizard add-in for Microsoft Outlook is an easy to use vCard converter and .vcf converter. vCard for Outlook will import and export contacts into one or multiple .vcf files. Choose contacts to import/export or send by using contact selection dialog with the ability to sort out and filter the list. Send specified contacts automatically as attachments via email message. Export contacts and share them with others via instant message, Bluetooth or other ways. vCard Wizard 3.01 version

VCF Cutter 1.1

VCF Cutter allows you to divide your contacts so you can easily move them from cell phones to Outlook. Use it to divide a consolidated VCF file to separate VCF files with one contact in each file. Requires NET Framework 3.5.

Windows Contacts Converter

Successfully Import .CONTACT files to Outlook and Convert Windows Contacts to Outlook by Windows Contacts Converter. Easy solution to Export .CONTACT files of Windows 7 and Windows Vista to MS Outlook

Code and Form Samples

Fax to Contact Form Custom Outlook form that adds a New Fax to Contact action to the menu and handles 10-digit dialing.
Holiday Card List Unsupported Microsoft sample form application.
Required Categories Contact Form Custom Outlook form that forces the user to pick from a specific list of categories, even if they are not in the Master Category List.


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