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Microsoft Exchange Server provides a foundation for shared address lists through the global address list; enter outside addresses as custom recipients. If everyone is using Microsoft Outlook, you can also create public folders for sharing contacts.

If you don’t have Exchange Server, beyond the tools listed below, you might consider using:

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CodeTwo Public Folders

CodeTwo Public Folders will let you share Outlook between many computers. It's an easy and cost-effective Exchange Server or Office 365 alternative which allows you to sync Microsoft Outlook data automatically and across various Outlook platforms and users. New features include: Internet sync (or LAN sync), all data is kept locally (no cloud storage). File sharing capability allows you to share any files between computers. Full encryption of the sync'd data and password protection. The program is fully compatible with all latest Outlook and Windows versions including Outlook 2010 64bit.


Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts with GAL Sync

Add2Exchange Enterprise Contacts with GAL Sync syncs Exchange global address list to users so they have a local copy of your corporate address book contacts and on smartphones and mobile devices. Global Address List synchronization allows you to treat the GAL as the 'source' public folder of a relationship to be synchronized one way with one or more users' mailbox folders. Supports small attached photos and Outlook fields which are not in the GAL. Sync 1-way, not bi-directional. Can sync Calendars, Tasks, Posts, Notes, and builds relationships with the Relationship Group Manager. 21 day trial.

Bynari Addressbook

The Bynari AddressBook is a fully LDAP 2 and LDAP 3 compliant query tool designed to integrate seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook (2003-2013). The Bynari AddressBook is capable of querying any OpenLDAP, Active Directory, or LDAP2/LDAP3 compliant database.


Share Outlook contacts without a server. Data is shared via special email messages.


Distribute your GAL to POP3 and IMAP users via e-mail or the Web. Updates are automatically sent to users running Outlook, Outlook Express, and other clients.

Global Address List Exporter

Export your Global Address List so you can share it with business partners, clients, and internally. Employees can now easily print a hard copy of the company directory for quick access to phone numbers. Beta.

itrezzo Unified Contact Manager

Sync contacts between the global address list and Outlook Contacts to access on smartphones and tablets. Unify data from multiple sources in the address books of employees mobile devices. Supports Exchange server, Office 365, and Azure AD.


Store provider for Outlook that permits sharing of a Personal Folders .pst file on a local network among 2 to 50 users. Supports Outlook 97 or later. For Outlook 2003, supports the expanded Unicode .pst store. Available in Professional and Personal Edition Version 2.0.5


Use OsaSync to share or synchronize your Outlook contacts, calendar, and tasks with one or more other computers on your network. All changes made to a shared Outlook item are automatically reflected in the item on the other computer(s). Supports fully automatic synchronization--just connect your computer to the network or the internet (if synchronizing via FTP) and start Outlook. OsaSync is available in PRO (v. 6.3.1) and Lite (v. 8.2) versions and supports Outlook 2000 and later.

Outlook AddressBookView

OutlookAddressBookView is a simple utility that displays the details of all recipients stored in the Outlook address books. For every recipient entry, the following information is displayed: Email Address, Display Name, Address Type (MS-Exchange or SMTP), Street Address, Phone Number, Created Time and more. Outlook 2003 and up, 32 or 64 bit.

Public Sharefolder

Share Outlook data over a local network using a data store based on an Outlook .pst file. For Outlook 2003, supports the expanded Unicode .pst store. Not compatible with Outlook 98 or 2000 in Internet Mail Only mode. (Formerly Public Outlook)

ShareContacts for Outlook

ShareContacts allows the users to share and synchronize their Outlook Contacts folders' data and create public address book. Sync Outlook Contacts between PCs and share Contacts with colleagues or friends. You are able to update and manage all your shared contacts offline or using Internet connection. It is an easy and effective solution for personal contacts synchronization, remote companies and groups.

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