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This page contains additional group calendar tools for sharing and managing a central calendar in Outlook. In most cases, these tools are older and have not been updated recently, however, they will work with older versions of Outlook and may work with current versions.

Outlook has no built-in mechanism for maintaining a central calendar. Some organizations are looking for a centralized view of every person’s availability, while others want to keep a common calendar of important company events.

Quick and dirty method for sending personal appointments to a public calendar when you first create the appointment: Invite the public folder. All public folder calendars have e-mail addresses, even though they may be hidden from the GAL.

If you just need to see other people’s calendars easily from within Outlook, try the technique described under To get quick access to team calendars.

Create a Company Events Calendar using an Exchange server application.

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Availability Viewer

Meeting Request form modified to act as an free/busy viewer.

Corporate Calendar

Sample Outlook form application to maintain a central calendar. (Microsoft Office Update)


Outlook 2000 VBA form that allows you to create a local appointment folder that collates the schedules from a group of people on demand (not automatically). After creating the local calendar, you can then use the viewing/printing features of Outlook to filter the data, or use the template to create color coded calendars in Word. Requires Outlook 2000, Exchange Server, CDO, and some shared calendars.

Outlook Group Calendar with VB

Sample source code for writing your own application using Visual Basic and the Outlook Object Model.

Synchronization utilities

Tools that can copy data from a mailbox Calendar folder to a public folder for group viewing.

Viewing Journal Items

Reorganize the way mail flows in your organization so that a shared mailbox is the primary delivery location, with private messages being sent to secondary mailboxes. Method devised by Outlook MVP Hollis D. Paul.

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  1. Craig Albasri-Cox says

    I am looking for an online school attendace and grading add-in for outlook with exchange server. I found it a couple of years back on your site, but now cannot find it. Do you still have an add-in that teachers can use through outlook that allows them to take class attendance and recorde student grades?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. craig albasri-cox says

    The sample student attendance link is no longer an error with a redirect to microsoft main website. It does not include your sample.

    • Diane Poremsky says

      Dang. It was there the other day. I'm pretty sure I have a copy here if i can't find a new link for it.

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